I was first introduced to Tetris as an 8 year old boy playing on a small black and white Game Boy screen. I can remember playing on an old PC monitor in high school chemistry class and one of my fondest memories of Tetris was my “How to Get a High Score in Tetris” presentation in my college speech class. Of course, that was years ago and soon after came marriage, kids, work, and general adulthood. Tetris became a fond memory…something I would occasionally play in passing on classic systems.

In the meantime, I started working in Analytics and utilizing Tableau to for work. Eventually, I started to use Tableau to track personal interests, such as sports, music, and even Fit Bit progress . It appeared I was starting to find a new passion.

And then in February 2019, my son sent me a text message about the release of Tetris 99. I quickly purchased a subscription to Nintendo Online and immediately fell in love with this newest version of my childhood passion.

Actual text from my 13 year old son to me

It took me a few games to get my first win but I really didn’t understand the strategy of the battle royale aspect of the game. I was determined to uncover the secrets to this new and amazing version of Tetris and knew that I could use Tableau to help. So I armed myself with a stack of grid paper, a clipboard, and pencil and started logging detailed stats after every game. I did this for my a few months and put together an analysis for my first 99 games and eventually 500 games.

Manual stats log after every game

Eventually, I found my way to Twitch and was overwhelmed by the amazing Tetris community. So many amazing players but even better people. It didn’t take long to discover that even after all these years and analysis, I still have a LOT to learn. I started this site in hopes of creating a community fellow Tetris and data fanatics. Hopefully together we can continue to grow and uncover more secrets to this amazing game.