After several days of work and rework, I’ve finally finished building my new desk built with streaming specifically in mind. It was a big project for me so I’m excited to share how it turned out!

The first few times I streamed I really struggled with reading chat on a smaller monitor and playing Tetris on the TV so I really wanted a desk that would allow two side by side TVs. I also really wanted to be able to adjust the TVs positions easily so mounting them seemed like the best option. Finally, I wanted a desk long enough for my son to play his games in the same room with me. Since I’m not a fan of mounting TVs to the actual wall, I decided to go with a faux wall that could also be used to hide wires.

Faux wall in progress

Sitting too close to the TV when playing games gives me a headache so I decided to put the actual desk on wheels. That would allow me to pull my wireless keyboard and mouse back with me to make responding to chat easier. Given how long the wall is, I split it into two 5 foot long desks on wheels so they can be moved individually. This makes set up and wire maintenance much easier!

The final product

I’m very happy with how the desk turned out and feel like I can finally keep up with Chat while playing at a comfortable distance from the game screen. Paired with a green screen and we’re ready for prime time!

Cheap green screen off Amazon

With this setup, I actually have room for a guest to join my stream and perhaps even play side by side. I’m excited for the possibilities!