Interested in adding your stats to the Player Summary Stats? Fantastic! Here’s how:

Accessing and Saving Your Stats

From the Tetris 99 Home Page, press the Stats button on the bottom of the screen

Press L and R to switch between tabs. Note that there scroll bars on each page. To fully track your stats, we need 2 screenshots from the All tab, 3 from the Tetris 99 tab, and 3 from the Invictus tab (if applicable). Press the screenshot button and your Switch controller to save the image to your Switch album.

Click the Album button on the Switch home screen to view your screenshots

Sending stats using Twitter

The easiest and preferred way to send your stats is through the Post to Twitter functionality built into the Switch. If you don’t have Twitter, skip below for instruction on sending via Discord.

From the Album page, select one of the stat screenshots and press A

Sorry for the poor images for these. Switch doesn’t allow screen captures from these pages

Once the image is opened, press A to open the Editing and Posting menu

Select Post Batch and select the screenshots to share then click the Post button. Nintendo may limit your batch size (for me the max was 4). Tag @Daddio_TV in your post, click Post to Twitter, and you’re done!

You may need to link your Twitter account if you haven’t already done so

Sending Status using Discord

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can send your screenshots manually by joining the DaddioTV discord server and uploading to the #stat-uploads channel. Please make sure your player name and level are visible in all screenshots.