Twitch can be confusing, especially to people new to the site. Chat is full of people gambling, requesting songs, redeeming rewards, issuing other random commands, and of course, just chatting. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Through it all, one of the most common questions I get is, what are coins and how do I use them?

Twitch Points

First, let’s talk about Twitch points. These are points that you earn just by watching the channel. These points are part of the Twitch site and can be earned by simply watching the stream, but you also earn bonuses through activities like following, cheering, subscribing, participating in a raid, etc. Subscribers earn points at double the rate. Click here for more information on earning Twitch points.

Checking your Twitch point balance is easy. Look for the small Daddio icon at the bottom of chat – the number right next to that is your Twitch Points balance. Clicking the points will bring up a menu of options for point redemptions. If you see something that catches your eye, click for more information or to redeem.

What makes Twitch points great is their simplicity. You earn them automatically and redemption is easy. One of the biggest drawbacks, however, is that there’s no way for the streamer to award Twitch points as bonuses, no way to gamble points, and no way to even see how many points each person has. That’s where Coins come in…


Coins are powered by Streamlabs (a plugin to Twitch) and allow for things like bonuses and gambling. As a streamer, I can give out coins for things like winning a game, telling me a great joke, or even as a thank you for your support. As a viewer, you can gamble the points and redeem coins for the same items as Twitch Points (more on that below). There’s even a leaderboard showing how many points each viewer has! Typing “!coins” in chat will return a message showing your current coin standing.

The Coins Leaderboard appears under the stream video when viewing in a browser

Coins can be redeemed for the same items as Twitch Points, but redemption is a bit more complicated. If you’re watching in a browser, you can click the “Store Items” link on the leaderboard to browse and complete redemptions. Redemptions can also be made via this website or via chat command.

Redemption from the Leaderboard “Store Items” widget

Gambling and exchanging Twitch Points for Coins

As mentioned above, Twitch Points cannot be gambled or awarded as bonuses by the streamer. If you’d like to exchange some of your Twitch Points for Coins, you can do so by redeeming the Exchange Twitch Points for Coins option in Twitch (click the Twitch Points icon at the bottom of chat to pull up the redemption menu). Exchanges are at a 1:1 rate (1000 Twitch Points = 1000 Coins) but note that Coins cannot be exchanged for Twitch Points – only Twitch Points for Coins.

Gambling is done by typing the !gamble command in chat. Just type “!gamble” followed by the number of coins you want to risk. For example, “!gamble 100” would bet 100 coins.

There’s a lot more to coins and channel points than what’s covered here, but this should be enough to get you started. Now get out there and start earning, gambling, and redeeming those points and coins!