I understand the appreciation for T Spins and their wide variations. I can appreciate the passion that ei_lara has for finding new and innovative ways to take advantage of the Tetris mechanics to spin pieces where it looks like they shouldn’t fit.

But I hate it T-Spins.

Well, I don’t actually hate them. I hate them the same way I hate movies like Inception where the laws of physics don’t apply and literally anything can happen. I can appreciate that it’s a good movie, but I find myself distracted by the impossibility of it and my mind rejects it as not logical.

Maybe that’s why even when I do a T-Spin double, I rotate the opposite direction of most people – the way that’s more logical for the piece to actually snap in place.

Combos, on the other hand, make sense. And I love the fact that they’re counter-intuitive to the way I grew up learning Tetris.

Before I even knew anything about combo strategies (or even what a four wide was), I challenged myself to win a game of Tetris 99 without getting a single Tetris or T spin. After dozens of attempts, I was successful and it was one of the most exciting wins I’ve ever had. I was so excited I took a screenshot to show friends and even posted it on Reddit. I was able to beat the game by doing the OPPOSITE of what I thought I was supposed to do. Amazing!

Fast forward a few months and I discovered the concept of four widing. Wait a minute – you’re telling me that I should be clearing a bunch of SINGLES rather than Tetrises? That’s an interesting concept – tell me more.

MewtwoStruckBack was more than happy to oblige in showing me the ways of the four wide and now I can also appreciate the POWER of the combo. Now I know that along with being an interesting, counter-intuitive approach to the game, combos also happen to be the most powerful attack in the game! WHAT?!

There’s a lot of controversy around four widing and many members of the Tetris community want to see them de-valued or banned completely. I think that would be a shame. While I understand the frustration that top tier players have with the strategy, I appreciate the opportunity to continue to expand the game of an old guy like me that has a special fondness for logic and physics. Plus it gives me the chance to win a game every once in a while or even catch up on chat.

So to all my fellow combo lovers and dirty four widers out there, I stand with you. Keep laying those line pieces flat! But please remember – Jesus loves T Spins too.