Tetris 99 Community League

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League Schedule

This is a community lead league, meaning the Twitch hosts will change from night to night. You don’t have to play every game or even every night, but you must complete at least 20 league games over 3 weeks to qualify for prizes and 10 to qualify for the end of season tournament.

December 1 – 19, 2020
MewtwoStruckBack will host games Tuesdays from 8 – 10 pm CST
DaddioTV will be your host Thursdays 8 – 10 pm CST
B0SS_99 carries the weekend load Saturdays from 3 – 5 pm CST

December 2020

League Rules

  • 2 hours of dedicated league play each session with 6 games guaranteed each session
  • Players must sign up for league play by typing !register followed by their player name in Twitch chat. ex: !register DaddioTV
  • All games will be played in regular Tetris 99 mode
  • A countdown will be used before each game in Twitch chat. Players should join the game when seeing 0 in chat. All lobbies with at least 5 league players will count.
  • Game results are logged in centralized database after each game (date, host, player, place)
  • Real time league standing available at daddio.tv

League Prizes

1 free Twitch sub to the streamer of your choice awarded to the top finishers in the following categories. Players can win multiple categories.

  • Most Games Played
  • Highest Win Rate
  • Most Total Wins
  • Most Consistent (lowest average place)

*Must play in at least 20 games to be eligible for prizes. Tournament hosts not eligible for league prizes.

End of Season $100 Invictus Tournament

We’ll be hosting an Invictus tournament on Saturday, December 19th to close out the season. Additional details here