Tetris 99 Player Summary Stats

DISCLAIMER: These stats are not representative of the Tetris Community as a whole and there is definitely self selection bias in the data. The people eager to share their stats are often more experienced players with much higher than average win rates. This dashboard shows an average win rate of 20%. In reality the average win rate across all players is probably something like 1%, or perhaps even less. Ideally, this dashboard would include players from all across the spectrum of experience and skill. If you’d like to help, please consider sharing your stats. Click here to find out how.

While analyzing the summary stats available on the “Stats” page of Tetris 99 isn’t nearly as insightful as analyzing game by game results, it does allow for a broad overview of player style over a long period of time. There are also some unique stats on the “All” tab, such a Tetrimino Rotations and Total Play Time. Using those values allows for calculations such as Rotations per Line Clear and Lines per Minute.

The first tab simply shows all the notable stats by player for normal T99 mode and the second tab shows the same for Invictus. The Correlation Analysis tab shows some key metrics compared to Win Rate to help identify what stats lead to higher win rates. We don’t have enough data yet to be considered significant, but it is interesting to see how stats like Tetris Rate, T Spin Rate, or even total Games played don’t seem to be an indicator for win rate. On the other hand, speed related stats like Lines per Game and Minute are very closely aligned with Win Rate, as is KOs per game.

It will be really exciting to see how getting access to data for more players will help to uncover additional insights into the game. If you’d like to see your stats included below, the easiest way to get them to me is to upload them from your Switch by taking a screen shot then uploading to Twitter. When uploading, tag @Daddio_TV and I’ll be notified and take it from there. Easy!

If you’re a super nerd and want to watch the creation of this dashboard, you can see the highlights here

For a deeper dive into these stats, check out this fantastic article by ei_lara.