End of Season $100 Invictus Tournament

DaddioTV will be hosting a knock-out style Invictus tournament to end the Community League Season on Saturday, December 19th at 9 pm CST.

  • Tournament is free and open for all players who have played at least one league game during the regular season
  • Countdowns will be used for Invictus lobbies to ensure all players can enter the same match
    • Host reserves the right to re-initiate countdown if less than 20 seconds remain on initial lobby countdown
  • At the end of each Invictus match, all players finishing in the bottom half of the player pool will receive a strike
    • For example, if 40 players enter the initial game, the players finishing in the bottom 20 rank amongst tournament players will receive a strike. Note that actual placement matters less than your placement compared to other tournament players.
  • Players are allowed 1 free strike before being eliminated from the tournament.
  • Elimination will continue until 1 player remains
  • Last player standing wins $100 cash (payable via Venmo or PayPal)